Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Estate planning is for everyone, not just the rich, elderly, or ill. Estate planning is a process that allows a person to provide for themselves and their loved ones in the event of that person’s unexpected or untimely incapacity or death. It lets a person leave what they want to whom they want in the way that they want or believe to be best.

A well-designed estate plan provides for loves ones, including minor children and aging parents, provides for incapacity, avoids probate at death, reduces or eliminates taxes, and provides for charitable organizations. Most importantly, your estate plan is designed uniquely for you in accordance with your objectives, your values and your priorities.

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Business Law and Business Planning (1)Business Law & Planning

Business owners have a multitude of unique and varied needs related to the formation and operation of their businesses. These needs may include entity formation, business planning, contract review and drafting, expansion through business acquisition, partnership buyouts, business sales to key employees, next generation or other insiders, business sales to a competitor or other third-party buyer, pre-sale planning and due diligence, contract disputes and dispute resolution, and other issues that arise resulting from, or during the course of, business operations.

We provide counseling related to many aspects of business law and business planning. In areas where we do not provide legal counseling, such as labor disputes, environmental issues, franchising, patents, and other areas, we can refer you to one of the highly skilled and capable attorneys in our network that have the needed expertise.

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Asset Protection PracticeAsset Protection

Nearly everyone needs to protect their assets from seizure by creditors, predators, and lawsuits because anyone can be sued at anytime for any reason. Whether they realize it or not, most people have already engaged in basic asset protection because they have  purchased one or more forms of liability insurance.

Asset protection planning is the process of taking property which is currently vulnerable to seizure by creditors, predators, and lawsuits and positioning that property in a way to discourage lawsuits, provide a valuable bargaining chip if a lawsuit arises, and minimize loss.

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